‘I just wish I had engaged Edward sooner in my career’.

‘I just wish I had engaged Edward sooner in my career’.

I am a CEO/Financial Controller who has just left a very challenging position and I was looking to find a new position that would best suit me.

I decided that to find a position that would provide me with the best option. I needed help and I looked on the internet and found Dr Edward Gifford from Executive Career Move.

I expected help in putting together a resumé, interview and presentation skills that I had not put to use in a long time and that would allow me to present myself in the best way.

However in reality it was a different story. I quickly found that I would be challenged to look further and find my Purpose in life, core values, strengths and understand my personality. Edward’s expertise helped me understand what it was that I was looking for in my career and allowed me to create a path to my goals.

My career goals have changed since working with Edward and I have now a clear picture of who I am and what I want from my future career.
I have a higher self-awareness and a greater understanding of my personal and professional qualities and I am able now to convey these clearly to a prospective employer. On the other side I am more confident in being able to assess the suitability of my future position and its alignment with my goals.

I found Edward to be professional at all times and very flexible in the presentation of his Career Move Program allowing me to focus on the areas that best suited my needs. I just wish I had engaged Edward sooner in my career.

Patrick Robards FIPA ACCM

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