‘Executive Career Move has turned my career around’

‘Executive Career Move has turned my career around’

I have always worked in government roles and found the application and interview process fairly straightforward and what I was doing was always getting me the job.  This pattern of success slowly started to change over the last couple of years and I was getting fewer, if any interviews at all.

I sought feedback regarding my applications and was advised that while my Resume was good and my experience extensive, I was apparently not ‘selling’ myself enough.  After some research on-line and speaking to various people, I decided to seek professional assistance.

I found Dr Edward Gifford’s Executive Career Move Program to be the answer and it turned my career around. As well as all the great material and advice I gained, I particularly learned to sell my transferrable skills in my CV and at the interview and how to set myself apart from all other applicants. Being Resume ready has also given me so much more confidence.

As a result of my interaction with Edward and his Executive Career Move Program, I am now successfully in a role I have been coveting for some time.  I now have the confidence to challenge myself and seek out roles that previously, I felt were out of my reach.  Through Edward’s program, I am planning further steps to enhance my career through an innovative approach, to my CV presentation, preparation for interview and pathways to achieving my career goals.

Peta Armstrong

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