Resumés That Work

How to write a professional Resumé that will get you the interview... guaranteed!

Resumés That Work


Are you Resumé ready?
Have you recently been made redundant or are you out of work?
& Are you seeking a new career move that is more meaningful and fulfilling?

Whether you are in career transition, wanting to make a career move or experiencing redundancy, having a professional resumé that ensures you an interview, is a vital step in taking control of and managing your professional career.

The primary function of a professional resumé is for you to gain an interview. No interview…no new position!

Your resumé is a marketing and sales document designed to ‘grab’ the attention of the ‘recruiter’ and to encourage them to call you to further discuss your background and ‘match’ for the position.

It is a short, succinct and clear professional account of your career, qualifications and achievements. Usually ‘skimmed’ through in 30 seconds, it is reviewed against two simple criteria read again or no!

If you are a professional or executive who has previously been “head hunted” or has been in the same position for a long time, you will be very surprised at how writing a good Resumé or CV has changed.

Without exception, we have never viewed a resumé from a client that is already up-to-date and that is achievement, results and benefits driven.

Writing a compelling resumé that will ensure you ‘stand out from the crowd’ and get you noticed is an art form and requires skill, creativity, and an understanding of psychology as well as marketing.

Executive Career Move offers a professional career advice and coaching service on how to write and create an effective and compelling resumé that gets you the interview with your employers of choice.

This is part of our Executive Career Move Program or we can offer this in a stand-alone module.

If you are seeking to re-enter the marketplace quickly, eliminate rejection and find a stable career that utilizes your skills and ignites your passions then you need to be Resume Ready today.

Our eBook is a great first step in getting you back into your position of choice.

With our eBook you will learn the following ways to get your Resumé up to speed.

  • Discover the 9 key principles for creating a winning “killer” Resumé that positions you as the expert in your field and secures your interview
  • Use our tried and tested Resumé templates and learn how to select the right one for the right position
  • Learn how to adapt and ‘tailor’ your Resumé to different career and job opportunities so your employer of choice feels it has been prepared especially for them!
  • Learn the most up-to-date skills in how to address selection criteria… this is an art in itself, conquer this and your job opportunities open up considerably
  • Refine your quantifiable achievement statements in order to market and ‘sell’ yourself positively to your employer of choice
  • Learn how to write compelling covers letters and how to use these reactively and proactively
  • Learn how to choose your referees and how the best methods of sending your Resumé
  • Learn how to use your Resumé with executive search consultants



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Resumés that Work:
How to write a professional resumé that gets you the interview.
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