Executive Outplacement

Executive and Professional Outplacement and Redundancy Services

Executive Outplacement


For members of your team or organisation to be made redundant or retrenched can be Earth Shattering.
One day they feel secure in their position and the next they are left worrying about how to support their family, pay the mortgage and gain new meaningful employment.

As an employer of choice, you care and seek to offer outplacement services to help them transition through this difficult situation.

You also want the redundancy process to run smoothly, to ensure the least disruption to immediate business operations and to the long term culture and climate of your organisation.

As executive outplacement consultants, we provide the redundant executive with a skilled, supportive advocate, experienced in dealing with a career crisis. We have a highly experienced and professional team of career coaches and counsellors across Australia.

Employers find the coaching and counselling support service ECM provides to professionals and executives on the day of their redundancy to be an important service in keeping their business operating smoothly.

For the employer, our Executive Outplacement
coaching program is designed to:

  • Offer confidence and support to the employer through partnering, positive engagement, excellent communication and detailed Career Transition Support Proposals
  • Provide best practice procedural strategies for outplacement including workshops for key HR Personnel and Managers
  • Ease employee stress through counselling and coaching
  • Help retain remaining employees
  • Provide displaced employees with quality career transition coaching and ongoing support
  • Build positive staff morale
  • Improve the organisation’s branding, productivity and profit.

We consult with you to discuss the best packages for your needs.

We also offer group workshops (Link to this page) as an alternate to individual outplacement services.

For the Employee, the career outplacement programs are designed to enable the redundant professional to:

  • Deal with stress and distress
  • Use a “next steps” check list to ensure a successful outplacement and transition
  • Discuss and review redundancy entitlements
  • Promote possibility thinking
  • Evaluate career change direction and career opportunities
  • Undertake career assessments, both career and/or psychological
  • Review strengths, career anchors and transferable skills
  • Revise career portfolio
  • Prepare and tailor career change resumes and sharpen interviewing skills and techniques
  • Access selected recruitment professionals and executive search consultants
  • Understand the hidden job market
  • Identify and enlist appropriate networks
  • Develop a personal marketing plan
  • Know the 6 simple steps to “sell yourself” into a new job position
  • Actively re-enter the workforce in the fastest possible time and in the most positive position

To discuss your outplacement needs contact us for a free consultation so we can explore, tailor and develop the best package for your organisation.



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