Executive On-Boarding

Ensuring Success in your first 100 days

Executive On-Boarding


How prepared are you to ‘hit the ground running’?

Starting a new position can be exciting but you will probably be a little apprehensive too.

You wouldn’t be alone if you were quietly asking yourself some of these questions… Can I really do this job? Have I made the right decision? Will I really fit in here? Will I be able to achieve the targets and be a leader they expect in my new role?

The first 100 days in your new position represents a positive window of opportunity for you to prove yourself and excel but there is also the potential to be misread or misunderstood by your peers and superiors.

If your company has not provided an executive coach as part of your package to maximise the success of your on-boarding or executive integration period, consider your answers to the questions below.

  • How well prepared am I to effectively and efficiently handle my new position in the first 100days?
  • What strategic and operational plans will maximise my new organisation’s business growth?
  • How can I engage all stakeholders to improve organisational purpose, productivity and performance?
  • Do I really have the capacity to excel and be a Top Performer in the first 100days?

The stakes are high. You may have moved interstate, your partner may have had to give up a promising career to support your new move, the kids may have new schools to adjust to and you really want to be successful.

You don’t want to leave success to chance! You need to plan and execute your plan as if this were a new business consultancy for you. You will need to think and act like the owner or CEO of the organisation.

The support of a professional executive coach is essential in these early days where opinions and judgements are made.

You are on full display. Everyone is watching you to see how well you fit in, if you can do the work and if you really are the right person for the new position.

Why Executive and Leadership Coaching for On-boarding?

Business moves quickly in the 21C, allowing little time for you to ease into your new role. Using this crucial time in a systematic way by partnering with a leadership coach is vital to your success.

As a new executive, you will be expected to drive performance, change and business innovation; demonstrate effective management and leadership skills and deal with staff performance while respecting and challenging the existing organisational culture and strategy.

These are high expectations for a new executive on-boarding and go well beyond the normal induction process.

Increasingly, organisations or employers of choice are including executive coaching to facilitate successful on-boarding in the executive package they offer new executives. This massively enhances executive integration, return on investment (ROI) and improved retention into the executive’s new position in the first 100 days.

Our Executive Coaching can massively support success in your first 100 days by:

  • Providing you with critical support in the initial stages
  • Helping you use personal style and experiences proactively
  • Identifying and harnessing productive strategic thinking and strategic planning.
  • Ensuring that stakeholders see superior ROI through your engagement, productivity and performance
  • Managing the shaping of perceptions created by your early decisions and behaviours
  • Development of interpersonal skills to improve management skills and to engage clients better through trust relationships.
  • Improvement of communication and tackling workplace inefficiencies attributed to team communication and staff differences.
  • Assisting you to identify and reduce gaps (including leadership, competency, attitude, thinking, infrastructure gaps) from Learning and Development Plans.
  • Acceleration of achievement of yours and your team’s KPI’s.
  • Helping you work more successfully and proactively with other senior executives and managers in building new teams and implementing new strategies.
  • Ensuring you work more productively and cooperatively with direct reports and co-workers.



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