Executive Career Move Coaching Program

How to Secure your Career of Choice with your Employer of Choice... Within 90 days of completing this program.

Executive Career Move Coaching Program


If you’re looking to secure a stable and meaningful position, change occupations and boost your competitive edge in the marketplace, then Executive Career Move can help you.

We’ve established a program for professionals, managers and executives (even if you are over 50) to help you make a change to your career…  starting now.

This program including the books, videos and information modules have been developed to ensure you succeed in your Executive transition.

If you are really seriously seeking to secure a stable and meaningful position, change occupations and to boost your competitive edge in the market place then read on?

Right now you might be…

  • Out of work
  • Looking to change careers
  • In need of more financial security
  • Stuck in a dead end job and lost your mojo
  • Seeking a more fulfilling and meaningful career
  • Finding it hard to compete with others in your field
  • Wanting to re-enter the workforce after years of being “off the market”
  • Really wanting to start your own business or consultancy but don’t know how

You may have lost your position, been retrenched or just want to change or advance your career, you may be worried about… providing for your family…, paying your bills and the mortgage…, improving your confidence or motivation…, finding a stable career that utilises your career anchors, strengths and skills and one which ignites your passion and aligns to your Purpose.

Are any of these situations relevant to you?

If so we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our 91% job success rate. Successful clients obtained their position of choice with their employer of choice within 3 months of completing our Executive Career Move Program.

Executive Career Move is an intensive program of six modules conducted over 8 sessions to assist professionals and executives who want to manage, lead and take control of their strategic career position and direction.

We have a team of specialists to maximise your potential, regain your passion and purpose, boost your confidence and get real fulfilment in life.

Our fully integrated, holistic approach is specifically designed to lead you to…

  • Clearly understand what drives and motivates you
  • Find out what you really want and love to do
  • Identify your ideal career path and position
  • Go out into the marketplace and successfully secure that role you need
  • Get success, obtain self-fulfilment and make a meaningful difference in your life

Our coaching and career development programs set up frameworks for self- directed conversations to achieve these important benefits.

You just need the right careers coach with human understanding and practical ability gained through many years of experience to help you…

  • Transition through your current situation
  • Discover new exciting opportunities
  • Totally prepare yourself to win that new role you want and…
  • Move rapidly to secure a satisfying and meaningful career

Here is a taste of what we cover in our 8 sessions to assist you gain your new career or position of choice with your employer of choice.

  • Defining your Purpose so you can align your career of choice to your Life Purpose while ensuring work- life balance and integration
  • Identify your career anchors transferable skills and strengths and be able to confidently communicate these in your resume, interview and when networking
  • Understanding your personal style and the implications of this for your resume, interview, leadership and management style and career.
  • Learn how to develop your career vision, missions and values and to write your career goal with clarity energy and purpose
  • Learn how to develop powerful achievement statements and to be able to confidently communicate your key features, achievements and benefits (FAB’s) in your Resume, in interviews and in the market place. You will learn how to ‘sell your sizzle’ so you will be noticed
  • Learn how to write and tailor your resume that will ensure you will “stand out from the crowd” and greatly enhance your success of gaining an interview
  • Learn how to identify and research your 10 employers of choice and positions of choice. The coaching will ensure that you can determine those companies that are in alignment with your career vision and values. It will guide you through in depth research to identify key targets and networks to assist you to reach key decision makers
  • Learn how to confidently respond and participate in interviews in a manner the interviewers expect. You will learn how to ‘sell yourself” and to incorporate your key achievements
  • Learn how to maximise your networks to reach your employers of choice and use social networking sites, job boards, networking events and working with recruiters

We base our coaching methods on the realisation that career choices have a measurable effect on your individual happiness and fulfilment.


Get Started Now with our 6 Modules and over 8 x 2hr sessions



Module #1: “How to discover your potential… and take control of your career”

  • Learn the one critical strategy central to discovering your career move drivers
  • Discover and unleash your 5 personal strengths and understand the impact these have on your future career and leadership ability
  • Gain clarity around your current reality and future career aspirations to set goals that are ‘right’ for you
  • Discover how to make confident career decisions in alignment with your values

Module #2: “How to create your own personal GPS system that navigates you to where you want to go as fast and effectively as possible”

  • Being ‘on purpose’ is being true to your core… Discover how your Purpose brings you back to who you are to align this with your career or position
  • Discover the 7 signs you’re not as self-aware as you think… especially executives and business leaders… failure to face reality can destroy your career
  • Learn how your personal Purpose becomes the most important “compass” for your personal and professional life
  • Assess and gauge the level of satisfaction you have in terms of your work-life integration and flow using our state-of-the-art diagnostic tool
  • Review your career goal within the context of your greater self-awareness and in terms of On-Purpose SMART Goals to ensure they are congruent… this maximises your opportunity of success
  • Learn what your strongest ‘career anchors’ are and how they give you direction and stability in your career move
  • Learn how to write powerful and compelling achievement statements to build your new ‘killer’ resume and ensure you get that interview

Module #3: “How to match your career of choice with your employer of choice”

  • Discover how our comprehensively career research matrix is designed to identify the ideal match between your career of choice and ideal employer… get this right and it can give you success, happiness and prosperity for many years to come
  • Find out how our capability-based approach to your career search hinges on answering three specific sequential questions to ensure you keep on the right career track even when the direction shifts
  • Know how to write and tailor your strengths and career achievements in a professional and compelling Resume in order to maximise your chance of gaining an interview
  • Reaffirm your Career Goal in the light of your market research and job search so you have clarity and confidence to move forward in your career

Module #4: Part 1 – “Resumes that Work: How to write a professional Resume that gets you the interview”

  • Resume-eBookDiscover the 9 key principles for creating a winning “killer” Resume that positions you as the expert in your field and secures your interview
  • Use our tried and tested Resume templates and learn how to select the right one for the right position
  • Learn how to adapt and ‘tailor’ your Resume to different career and job opportunities so your employer of choice feels it has been prepared especially for them!
  • Learn the most up-to-date skills in how to address selection criteria… this is an art in itself, conquer this and your job opportunities open up considerably
  • Refine your quantifiable achievement statements in order to market and ‘sell’ yourself positively to your employer of choice
  • Learn how to write compelling covers letters and how to use these reactively and proactively
  • Learn how to choose your referees and how the best methods of sending your Resume
  • Learn how to use your Resume with executive search consultants

Module #4: Part 2 – “Proven Interviewing Strategies that Win”

  • Book-InterviewLearn how to build your confidence, ace your interview and get the job you want
  • Discover the “hidden” secrets of successful interview preparation
  • Learn the 7 powerful tips that help you nail your next job interview
  • Discover the 10 vital steps to take before a job interview… when you are invited to an interview you are not physically present for… how do you make a huge impression from a distance?
  • How to showcase your personal brand in a job interview
  • Learn how to answer difficult interview questions such as employment gaps, redundancy, salary packages, and being overqualified
  • Discover the 4 secret key areas of interview questions and how to prepare and answer these confidently
  • Learn how to prepare and use personal career stories effectively and appropriately to enhance credibility
  • Inject ‘sizzle’ into your interview by bringing your Resume to life
  • Learn how to prepare relevant and insightful questions to ask at the interview
  • Learn how to quietly and competently demonstrate the top twenty interview tips in your interview
  • Learn how to confidently prepare for a second and subsequent interview including psychometric testing

Module #5: “How to proactively develop your personal marketing and job search strategy in the “hidden” job market… where 83% of jobs are found”

  • Learn how to write and deliver your ‘elevator pitch” that be genuine and captivating (and aligned to your Purpose)
  • Learn how to proactively and positively position yourself in the market place
  • The top 10 successful networking tips that makes networking fun, productive and relevant to your Job Search
  • 10 tips for using social media in your job search…especially LinkedIn to secure your career of choice… especially as nowadays only 17% of jobs are advertised through traditional channels
  • How to look for a job on Twitter… for job seekers Twitter has become a great way to tap into professional networks and job opportunities
  • Learn how to build and strengthen your relationships with Recruiters to maximise your Executive Search success

Module #6: “How to maintain perspective and develop resilience throughout your job search and life”

  • 7 ways to maintain your networks… You now need to know what to do with all those contacts you’ve made along the way
  • Learn successful strategies to develop and implement a weekly job-search plan in alignment with your personal and professional needs
  • It can be a difficult place to be, professionally and emotionally, Discover how these 5 strategies keep you going and help you maintain perspective while undertaking your job search
  • Discover powerful strategies on how to build resilience in the context of your Executive Job Search

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