Career Transition Workshop

"Take Control of Your Career" - One-Day Workshop

Career Transition Workshop


Our one day workshop is a results orientated program designed for an In-House Career Transition or Redundancy Processes.

Executive Career Move offers local and national organisations and professional job seekers career advice assistance and career outplacement workshops.

Our one day workshop is a results orientated program designed for motivated professional and executive job seekers who want to ensure they have the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd and achieve their desired career opportunity. It will maximize their ability to gain their career of choice with their employer of choice. We also run a series of 2 hour workshops modules.

The Take Control of Your Career Outplacement Workshop

Session 1 – Identifying your key features, achievements and the benefits

Outcomes: Communicate with confidence your key features, achievements and benefits in order to market yourself positively to your employers of choice. This session includes identifying and writing your:

  • Career strengths
  • Transferable skills
  • Career Anchors
  • Career Achievements

Session 2 – Resumes that work

Outcomes: Review and re write an effective resume that gets you noticed and maximises your chance of gaining an interview. Participants will learn the following:

  • Understanding the role your Résumé has in achieving your career goal
  • Applying the key principles and guidelines for writing your Résumé
  • Review/Rewrite your “master” Résumé in line with your new templates and guidelines
  • Learn how to tailor your Résumé for your position of choice
  • Learn how to address selection criteria
  • Learn how to write different styles of cover letters and when to use them

Session 3 – Mastering interview skills

Outcomes: Respond and participate in interviews with confidence, ensuring you answer questions in a manner that most interviewers expect. You will be given the techniques to hone and develop your interviewing techniques and interviewing skills to maximise your success in gaining your career of choice. You will cover the following:

  • Learn the purpose and process of the interview
  • Understand the recruitment, screening and selection process
  • Learn how to research the company and the position
  • How to apply your Résumé to the interview
  • Identifying non-verbal behavior that helps or hinders effective communication in the in the interview process
  • Interview formats and interview sequence
  • Anticipating and practicing typical questions asked in interviews
  • Applying mental and emotional robustness in the interview

Session 4 – Targeted networking to reach your employers of choice

Outcomes: Learn strategies to proactively market yourself and develop your personal career marketing action plan. This will include how to access the “hidden job market”, networking skills and techniques, how to use LinkedIn and other social media to focus on your target search and the keys to working successfully with recruiters.



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