Career and Leadership Coaching Using 360º’s

How to Proactively Build Leadership Capacity and Capability without the Guess Work

Career and Leadership Coaching Using 360º’s


As part of our executive coaching services, Executive Career Move offers Internet accessible 360 degree multi-rater surveys to provide feedback for leaders and managers from their bosses, direct reports and peers.

From the survey feedback, managers can compare the opinions of others with their own perceptions. It allows them to positively identify their strengths and to pinpoint the areas of their job performance that could be improved.

By understanding the strengths and development areas of each of their direct reports, managers and supervisors will be more confident in confronting issues as they arise. The alternative of ignoring these issues contributes negatively on workplace harmony and productivity.

Our 360 assessment tools

  • TMS Linking Skills Profiles – Develops Leaders, focuses on behaviour, improves performance
  • TMS Team Performance Profile – Evaluates Team Performance, benchmarks standards, obtains stakeholder feedback
  • TMS Strategic Team Development Profile – Develops high performing teams, facilitate change, runs a team climate assessment
  • The Profiles CheckPoint 360 Degrees Competency Feedback System – Identifies strengths and leadership areas to be improved
  • Lifestyles Inventory (LSI)/Group Styles Inventory (GSI)

Engagement and Implementation Process

Initial meeting

  • Develop and confirm implementation strategy with HR personnel or co-ordinator
  • Meet individually those who are open to or who are ‘targeted’ for coaching to discuss aspirations, goals and needs and to better understand the context in which they are working.
  • Explain the 360 Degree Survey process, answer questions and discuss any concerns.
  • Establish boundaries and roles and sign participant contract/agreements for the ongoing coaching.

Administering 360 Survey and report review

  • Each participant completes the 360-degree Survey. Anonymity is guaranteed and participants are asked to be honest and objective in their responses.
  • Participants complete their survey on-line and results from all participants are collated in a full colour report.
  • The coach reviews the results of the 360 one-on-one with the participant and discusses which areas to target for subsequent coaching sessions. This becomes the coaching plan.
  • These areas are based on the People, Task and Leadership Linking Skills (TMS) or the core management competencies and the 18 key skill sets (Profiles Checkpoint).

Features of the follow-up coaching sessions

  • One-on-one twice per month, face-to-face and/or by phone
  • Each session is 60-90 mins
  • One scheduled phone call per between sessions
  • Participant’s commitment to agreed action plans is a “given”
  • The coaching period lasts 6-12 months (subject to identified needs)
  • Clear outcomes agreed upon and action plans devised. Recording and feedback processes including accountability are established
  • Evaluations of outcomes in each session using a variety of tools
  • Final report is based on the measures of progress established in the developmental coaching plan. What is reported to the organisation must be agreed to by the participant

Benefits of our Leadership Coaching Services Using 360’s

Consistency – To ensure that learning is maximised and a positive coaching relationship maintained, the same coach will work with the participant for the duration of the coaching period.

Customised development strategy – A tailored coaching program designed to meet the participant’s requirements is based on the results of the report. A development strategy focussed on targeted skill sets and individual needs makes the process relevant, meaningful and engaging.

Program milestone tracking – To ensure a sense of achievement, progress is monitored against the personal milestones in the participant’s improvement strategy throughout the coaching period.

Flexible scheduling – To cater for busy workloads and to ensure flexible delivery options, scheduled coaching meetings can be arranged over the phone, through Skype and email if required.

Confidentiality – To foster trust relationships and greater transparency, information shared with coaches remains strictly confidential and will not be divulged to anyone in the organisation without full written agreement.

Increased productivity – According to Workforce Australia, “leadership development initiatives that are self-directed increase productivity by 22%, while training plus leadership coaching increase productivity by 88%”.

Core Leadership Competencies Profiled

TMS Leadership Skills Profiles

People Linking Skills

  • Active Listening
  • Communication
  • Team Relationships
  • Problem Solving and Counselling
  • Participative Decision Making
  • Interface Management

Task Linking Skills

  • Objectives Setting
  • Quality Standards
  • Work Allocation
  • Team Development
  • Delegation

Leadership Linking Skills

  • Motivation
  • Strategy

CheckPoint Leadership Skills Profiles

TMS Leadership Skills Profiles

  • Communication (Listens to others, Processes information, Communicates effectively)
  • Leadership (Instils trust, Provides direction, Delegates responsibility)
  • Adaptability (Adjusts to circumstances, Thinks creatively)
  • Relationships (Builds personal relationships, Facilitates team success)
  • Task Management (Works efficiently, Works competently)
  • Production (Takes action, Achieves results)
  • Development of Others (Cultivates individual talents, Motivates successfully)
  • Personal development (Displays commitment, Seeks, improvement)



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