Maintaining Perspective Through Your Career Transition

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In a competitive job market, you may take longer in your job search than you have mentally allowed for. While the urgency factor may lead to ‘panic’, maintaining perspective is an important coping strategy.

Very few of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth and never have to face hardship.

The question of why ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good people’ dogs us all.

Whether we like it or not, loved ones fall ill and die, accidents happen, fires destroy homes, natural disasters destroy whole communities, economic crashes happen and people are made redundant or even lose their livelihoods.

Some of us handle these events better than others, and studies into this area of resilience are worth reading.

If for some reason you do not gain your position of choice, and the things that go with it, are you a failure? Not if you choose to examine your values and live by them.

In this report we explore how an approach using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (also known as ACT) can be useful, showing you how to handle the negativity that could potentially surface if your job search were protracted.

You may have invested considerable resources in ensuring that your ability to gain the position of your choice is as good as it can be. You hope it will bring the desired outcome quickly.

But what if it doesn’t happen that quickly?

If you are unemployed, will you spend every minute of every day tailoring your resumé before submitting it to various recruitment agencies or potential employers? What else can you do? If you experience constant rejections, how will you handle that? Will it cause you to lose confidence in yourself? Will you sink into depression? What can you do in a crisis?

These are some of the questions you will inevitably face.

There are lots of resources available to help you through this, but this report includes additional and unique material to get you thinking and help you take strategic action.

Here’s what’s in the free EBook.

Part A – Staying the course when life throws you a curve ball

  1. Putting your job search in perspective
  2. Strategies to bring balance and perspective to your job search
  3. Building resilience
  4. Accepting, connecting and taking action
  5. What to do in a crisis
  6. Seven steps to consider to stay on track

Part B – A case study on resilience using ACT

  1. Redundancy and reality
  2. Rejection and dejection
  3. Taking action with ACT

Part C – Resources and next steps

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