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Untitled-3Your resumé or CV is a ‘marketing’ and ‘selling’ tool. If it gained you an interview, it has achieved its purpose.

Likewise, the interview can be thought of as an opportunity to ‘sell’ to your prospective employer the benefits you can bring to the organisation.

This report will show you how to build your confidence and excel in your interview to get the position you want.

It provides interview advice, points from interview coaching, and knowledge on interview techniques to assist professionals and executives like you in your career move and career transitioning.

The old saying ‘knowledge is power’ is extremely apt when it comes to your personal and professional preparation for your job interview. It is surprising that even with professionals and executives, candidates fail to prepare or practise for the interview adequately.

In fact, approximately 80% of interview success depends on interview preparation.

This report covers a range of essential information, skills, understandings and attitudes for maximising the success of interview preparation. These include:

  • understanding the recruitment, screening and selection process
  • researching the company and purpose and process of the interview
  • understanding the position
  • understanding your resumé/CV
  • identifying non-verbal behaviour that helps or hinders effective communication in the interview process
  • interview formats and sequence
  • anticipating and practising typical questions asked in interviews
  • identifying questions to ask in the interview
  • using role play and other practice strategies
  • maintaining mental and emotional robustness.
  • how to answer difficult questions
  • how to prepare for the second inteview


As in any good sales process, you should first seek to understand the ‘needs’ of the employer. Then you ‘sell’ your achievements and benefits in a way that targets the needs and requirements of the position.

Employers will not ‘buy’ you on your features alone (strengths, skills, knowledge and experience), as impressive as these might be. As in any ‘sale’, they want to know what’s in it for them. It is essential to ‘sell’ the ‘sizzle’ (the benefits), not just the steak.

Your achievement statements developed for your resumé are central to this ‘sales’ process. Having the right mindset is essential in positioning and preparing yourself for the interview. And just remember, 80% of your interview takes place even before you have it! It’s a big like an iceberg.

By reading this book, and implementing the information it provides on how to improve your interview skills and techniques, you will be in a much stronger position to gain your position of choice with your employer of choice.

Here is a glimpse of some of the great free information we have provided. You will learn how to:


  • build your confidence, ace your interview and get the job you want
  • discover the “hidden” secrets of successful interview preparation
  • nail your next job interview: seven powerful tips
  • prepare your job interview: ten vital steps
  • make a huge impression from a distance in an interview at which you are not physically present
  • showcase your personal brand in a job interview
  • answer difficult interview questions such as employment gaps, redundancy, salary packages and being overqualified
  • discover the 4 key areas of interview questions and prepare for and answer these confidently
  • prepare and use personal career stories effectively and appropriately to enhance credibility
  • inject ‘sizzle’ into your interview by bringing your resumé to life
  • prepare relevant and insightful questions to ask at the interview
  • quietly and competently demonstrate the top 20 interview tips in your interview
  • confidently prepare for a second interview and subsequent interviews, including psychometric testing.


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